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Festivities at Uppsala Castle have developed into what they are today over a long period of time. The setting is still as grand – and these days it is complemented by modern technology. The catering takes its inspiration from traditional castle meals.

The Hall of State can accommodate 550 banquet style, 700 theatre style, and 1000 reception style.

In 1549 Gustav Vasa started building a fortress at Kasåsen in Uppsala. After Gustav Vasa’s death, his three sons took over the construction and by the early 1600s the castle had become a magnificent palace with three towers.

The beautifully preserved spaces in Uppsala Castle provide an attractive location for the perfect function.

When dinner is over, the guests will be served coffee and liqueurs in the highest gallery in the Castle.

A party at Uppsala Castle is a journey through time. It also provides a culinary experience and a venue for music, dance and entertainment. Together they make the evening unforgettable.

For a few hundred years, the castle was one of Sweden’s top public venues, accommodating coronation ceremonies, and dramatic deliberations and events. Even today the magnificent halls, galleries and stairwells bring history to life.

The castle has also been the venue for seven coronation ceremonies, the most magnificent festivities of all time. When Erik XIV was crowned in June 1561, the festivities lasted for six days.