who can book

The Hall of State in Uppsala Castle is administered by the ‘Hall of State Foundation’. Its statutes govern who may use the venue and for what purpose. In principle, the Hall of State should be reserved for functions with a degree of formality and importance, that have a dimension beyond the everyday. Preference is to be given to hiring out the Hall of State for commemorations, jubilees, inaugurations, academic ceremonies, larger association gatherings, congresses and other national or district assemblies and the like. This means as follows.

  • Individuals may not hire the Hall of State. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate weddings or birthday parties.
  • Companies may hire the Hall of State for internal functions connected with company jubilees.
  • Companies may also hire adjacent rooms for other functions. We will be pleased to include a tour of the Hall of State.
  • Politics and religion are prohibited from the Hall of State. However, political parties and religious associations may hire the Hall of State for jubilees or commemorative events.
  • The Hall of State may not be put at the disposal of exhibitions where special entry is required. However, exhibitions where the general public has free entry are permitted.

Before you can book the Hall of State, you must send in an application to the Hall of State Foundation. Request a form by contacting Rikssalen.

It is a condition of hiring the hall that the organiser observes the rules relating to the degree of formality, dignity and importance that must be attached to any functions held there.